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Take advantage of the Winter months and get ready for Summer! Laser your Hair Away! You will be thanking yourself and wishing you had done it sooner. Laser Hair Removal will tremendously improve the quality of your life… No more tweezing those stubborn facial hairs, no more ingrown hairs or irritation, no more shaving those… View Article
Happy New Year!   As I’m writing this blog post, I have been going through my own personal journey. To keep myself passionately focused and revitalized, I need to envision my own missions for my purpose in my life, my family, and my business, CosMedic LaserMD. I have been managing my life according to other… View Article
Does the reflection you see in the mirror each morning match how you feel? Is this the complexion that you wish to face the world with? Sun damage, lifestyle choices and the passage of time can cause lines, wrinkles, sun spots and small vessels to appear. There is a way to improve your complexion in… View Article
How can we learn to Nourish ourselves? Welcome to my first blog, at CosMedic LaserMD. This is where you meet me. This is a new beginning with so many of you to get to know me in a different way. Let us all start together, AND, let us not wait till the New Year to… View Article