We are LGBTQ friendly and a Transgender Safe Space


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Our Mission and Philosophy to Nourish The Beauty Within

At CosMedic LaserMD, our practice offers comfortable clinical care in a welcoming anxiety-free setting. We want you to find your time in our office pleasant and rewarding, knowing that we will deliver an experience that will exceed your expectations. At CosMedic LaserMD, our passion for our work is exemplified through our friendly staff, efficient procedures, and state-of-the-art technology. 

In an age of digital media, which has created artificial and unrealistic standards for the definition of beauty, it is our moral and ethical objective to assess how our work will impact our patients, both mentally and physically. In doing so, we strive to set the standards in aesthetic medicine.

Beauty is an organic, collective, and collaborative experience. Dr. Macha believes that experience must begin from the inside in our hearts where we can feel and experience it tangibly. This is the vision that drives every CosMedic procedure. We hope to enable you to shine your light brilliantly and radiate your energy on others. 

Our Core Values

Trust and Authenticity

Trust and authenticity is our most prized value. It is fully transparent in our deeds and actions. We stand committed and ethical, and maintain to always do the right thing.

Relationships are Family

Loyalty and relationships are the core of life. Each and every individual is a union and a beautiful future that we will continue to nurture.

Exist to Make a Difference

We exist to make a difference in the lives of our clients and patients and to provide opportunities to help people discover their lasting confidence.

Vision of Excellence and Results

Our vision is striving for excellence each and every time. With outstanding results as our top priority, we will do whatever needs to be done.

Constant Learning and Innovation

Technology and innovation is ever-evolving. We must always adapt, and keep learning to provide the best for those who trust us to be the most highly skilled at our craft. We will always be informed by the latest studies, experiences of our colleagues, and technological advancements, regenerative and otherwise.

The CosMedic LaserMD Experience

Dr. Deepa Macha created CosMedic LaserMD to help individuals find their inner beauty and radiate it confidently.  Dr. Macha and her team strive to inform your decisions with choices and bring forth natural results. Our patients are educated in a respectful way. When working so intimately, a certain appreciation of mutual respect and trust must be present. This is the collaborative experience of beauty where we rediscover the timeless, extraordinary, rejuvenated and confident “YOU” to emerge from within.

Dr. Macha believes in seamless beauty, individual results, with an appreciation for ethnicity and skin of color, and existing anatomy.

Dr. Macha and everyone at CosMedic LaserMD believe that Medical Aesthetics that we provide are a lifestyle choice and an investment in one’s self towards self improvement and healing.

Meet our Team

Dr. Deepa Macha

Founder / Owner

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Melanie Mandell

Practice Manager

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Morgan McKay

Medical Aesthetician and Laser Technician

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Drew Puthran

Operations Manager

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