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Recently, I went to CosMedic LaserMD for the “SHE shot”, PRP for Female Rejuvination, and I had a GREAT experience! I had heard about this procedure where ones’ own Platelet Rich Plasma is harvested and injecting into the vaginal area. I chose to do this procedure for both if its indications: improved orgasms and improvement of the urinary leakage issues I had been experiencing since having my children.

I was nervous about trying something like this, but Dr. Macha was great at educating me about the procedure beginning with drawing my blood, and what to expect step by step. It was frankly, very easy. Most importantly, she talked me through the entire procedure. The thought of anything with injections in such a sensitive area can be intimidating. I was comfortable the entire time. A numbing cream was placed over the entire area so all I experienced was pressure, a little bit. The entire procedure including the blood draw, and numbing of the area took an hour at most. Afterwards, I went back to work for the rest of the day. That evening I used an ice pack to relieve the pressure and took a break from the gym just the following day. It was actually quite easy.

Dr. Macha’s staff was very polite and treated me with poise and kindness. I myself am a healthcare provider, and have high expectations. I was truly impressed with my overall experience.

About my results….Having this procedure has changed my quality of life immensely for the better! Sex is even better than it already was!!!! I have had little to no episodes of urine leakage! I no longer have to wear an absorbent pad for my long high impact workouts! My results came fairly quickly.

Also, because of this great experience, I have have made this office my choice for beauty, wellness and skin care needs as well.


Dr. Macha,

I wanted to let you, and all of the ladies in your office, know how excited I am about the results of my PRP treatment for Hair growth on my Scalp! All of my co-workers and family have noticed the growth of my hair and how my thin patches are gone! I had results after my first treatment. My hair dresser is amazed at how much thicker my hair is!! She is intimately familiar with my hair for a long time – since high school. At that time, I seriously thought I had too much hair! Watch what you wish for. At the age of 32, I was found to have Hashimotos Thyroiditis. During that time, my hair fell out in big clumps. After I was regulated, some of my hair did come back, but it was never ever the same. Very thin balding patches persisted in the back of my head and top of my scalp and it was noticeable.

Honestly, I was skeptical if I would see results. I was worried that because of my thyroid issues, it might not work for me. But, I was so surprised to see how quickly I noticed some results. My hair first came in baby fine in texture, almost like fur, after about 3 weeks after my first treatment. Now, it has continued to fill in. I have less hair in my brush and shower. My hair is in the best health all around it seems.

Thanks to Dr. Macha and the PRP treatments, I don’t have to style my hair to cover those areas or worry when the wind blows!! I have thicker, softer hair now!! I feel so much better about myself. It is so much more fun to get ready for the day and not have to worry if my thin patches are concealed.

I would tell anyone considering this to absolutely give it a try! I cannot thank Dr. Macha enough for suggesting this treatment. It really worked for me. I am so glad I did the PRP to regrow hair.

Thanks again! You have no idea what this means to me! This treatment is a miracle!

Name Withheld

I had laser hair removal of my face and chin. I have been shaving since I was a teenager and live with shame. This morning, I awoke with some hair on my face but not at all like it was. In fact, it is about 90% improved with just a few areas still growing. This is after just the first treatment. Even those areas seem to be not growing so fast. I can feel the stubble, but I can’t really see the growth much. I usually see dark stubble ALL over. I cannot express how emotionally and mentally, the freedom of getting rid of what his plagued and haunted me almost my entire life has meant to me. Even the shave bumps are starting to go away. I’m so happy.

Thank you Dr. Macha and Jamie!

M. Millican

My daughter started to develop cystic acne at age 22! Worried that her skin would scar, I took her to be treated by Dr. Macha and Jamie at CosMedic LaserMD. Jamie utilized an in-office dermaplaning procedure coupled with a customized acne treatment. She also prescribed an at-home skin care regimen with medical-grade products she made available to us. So happy to report that in one month her skin is dramatically clearer with no new outbreaks and no new scarring! Thank you CosMedic LaserMD and Jamie! We couldn’t be more thrilled with her results!

P. Wilson

I had a wonderful experience in early June at CosMedic LaserMD., recently opened by Dr. Deepa Macha.

Elizabeth, one of the experienced technicians, did a gentle dermaplaning of my face, which was both relaxing and so effective. I felt that my skin immediately looked and felt younger, smoother, and more even in tone. The facility is pleasant and attractive, the staff knowledgeable and very friendly. I bought several of the Reviderm products available there, and I have been very happy using them. I highly recommend trying out their services!

L. Tapping

The minute I walked into CosMedic LaserMD I was instantly relaxed. Deepa and her team worked to make my skin look amazing. I had acne scarring from college that I was very self-conscious about. I never left the house without makeup to try to cover up the pocketing and scars on my face. After two rounds of microneedling even my dad has noticed the improvement in my skin!

It has been left looking rejuvenated and refreshed. I now leave the house in confidence without makeup to run errands and am not embarrassed when running into people. I am so grateful for all that Deepa and her very talented team have done to make my skin look and feel incredible. Deepa was also able to minimize my stretch mark scarring (from pregnancy). I can’t wait to continue to have CosMedic LaserMD improve my skin and give me the confidence I have always desired.

C. Ashley

I had my first facial treatment ever with CosMedic LaserMD. What an incredible experience that far exceeded my expectations! The moment you walk into the building their staff makes you feel welcomed and cared for. Dr. Macha cares personally about each person and uses her expertise to recommend the best care for your skin type and lifestyle.

The building is beautiful and calming. Their staff welcomes you and lets you know what you can expect during your treatment. They are professional and throughout the experience let you know what they are doing and how it is going to feel. After leaving CosMedic LaserMD I felt an immediate difference in my skin. It is softer and clearer than it has ever been before.

I am also impressed with the products they offer. I have purchased multiple products from the spa and love how they make me feel pampered and taken care of after my facial treatment. I would highly recommend the staff at CosMedic LaserMD to my family and friends!

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