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Dr. Deepa Macha

Founder / Owner

Dr. Deepa Macha is a highly trained Double Board Certified physician. Dr. Macha was raised in Long Island, New York and attended SUNY Downstate College of Medicine before completing a prestigious dual Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine Residency at New York Mount Sinai School of Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center, and Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh. 

She has been a practicing Attending Physician specializing in Emergency Medicine for 25 years. During rigorous training and practice over the last 25 years, Dr. Macha has  tremendous experience with  complex procedures across multiple medical specialties. In addition she is results focused and adept at problem solving. She has worked and trained in New York, Pittsburgh, the San Francisco Bay Area, Philadelphia, and now in Michigan. She is settled now in Michigan with her family and has 3 adult children. 

In 2017 Dr. Macha founded CosMedic LaserMD, a Medspa and Laser Specialty Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a practice dedicated to Medical Aesthetics and Wellness, and has fostered her passion for nourishing patients and healing, as well as a focused interest in Regenerative Aesthetics.  

Dr. Macha’s long career treating patients in the hospital suffering from pain, injury, sickness, and mental illness ignited a passion to make a meaningful impact in a different direction. She now dedicates her practice to medical aesthetics. Dr. Macha’s vision began with a long-held interest in health, wholeness, skin health and regenerative medicine. Her commitment to advancing knowledge and skills in the area of laser skin therapy, non-invasive body sculpting, and facial rejuvenation therapies including injectables and other advanced regenerative techniques is steadfast and constantly evolving. Dr. Macha has forged an expertise in patient care and therapeutic delivery that is results-driven and she is committed to her patients on an individual basis. 

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