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PDO Threads in Washtenaw County, MI

Rediscover Your Confidence with PDO Thread Technology: A Safe Alternative to Surgical Skin Tightening

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Are you struggling with sagging skin and looking for a non-surgical solution to restore your youthful appearance? 

This all-inclusive guide unveils the advantages and uses of Polydioxanone (PDO) thread treatments provided by CosMedic LaserMD in Washtenaw County, MI. 

Embrace this cutting-edge skin tightening and rejuvenation technology to achieve a radiant, more youthful appearance, all without undergoing surgery.

What Are PDO Threads?

PDO threads are dissolvable sutures made from a biodegradable polyester material called polydioxanone. 

These threads work to lift and tighten sagging skin by stimulating collagen production, which is the protein that gives your skin its structure and elasticity. 

PDO thread treatments offer several advantages over other skin tightening methods, including shorter recovery times, less invasive procedures, and long-lasting results.

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PDO Thread Lift Treatment at CosMedic LaserMD

PDO THREADS PDO Threads or Polydioxanone threads are used to stimulate collagen beneath the skin. Collagen is the protein that gives your skin the structure and elasticity it needs to function. And collagen loss is one of the major causes of skin aging.

These threads are biodegradable and are inserted in specific areas to lift and reposition tissue along vectors. This procedure, called a Thread Lift helps to eliminate wrinkles and restore a full appearance. 

At CosMedic LaserMD, we use a specialized cannula to place the thread in the desired location. Once in place, the barbs or twists that are along the thread, anchor the thread, ensuring that it can lift your skin to the desired location. 

There are different types of threads. Threads with barbs and twists and cogs can help to lift and volumize tissue. Mono or smooth threads are placed more superficially to enhance skin quality and rejuvenation

Our PDO threads have directional barbs and twists and placement is aimed at where your skin needs lifting and tightening effect. Over a 4-6 month period, the threads dissolve within the body, during which time collagen generation continues. 

Results will continue for a full year after insertion. The presence of these sutures in your skin triggers cells in your body called fibroblasts to produce more elastin and collagen. 

At CosMedic Laser MD we have embraced the biostimulatory paradigm and we utilize threads as a safe and effective regenerative approach to rejuvenate and reposition tissue and improve skin quality.

How Does PDO Thread Treatment Work?

The PDO thread treatment process involves the following steps:

Step 1. The practitioner applies a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area.

Step 2. A small incision is made in the skin, and a thin cannula is inserted to deliver the PDO threads.

Step 3. The PDO threads are strategically placed beneath the skin’s surface, targeting specific areas of concern.

Step 4. The threads are anchored in place and tightened, lifting the sagging skin and stimulating collagen production.

Step 5. The cannula is removed, and the incision is closed.

The polydioxanone material in the threads triggers fibroblasts, cells responsible for collagen production, to produce more collagen, leading to long-term skin rejuvenation.

Types of PDO Threads

There are three main types of PDO threads used in treatments:

Barbed Threads

These threads have small barbs that latch onto the skin, providing stronger lifting capabilities. They’re commonly used for lifting heavier tissue and stimulating collagen production.

Smooth Threads

These threads do not have barbs and are used primarily for skin rejuvenation, tightening, and improving skin texture. They also promote collagen production.

Cog Threads

These threads have a unique design that provides additional lifting support and are often used for more advanced procedures.

Each type of PDO thread serves a specific purpose, and your practitioner will determine the best combination for your treatment.

Targeted Areas for PDO Thread Treatment

PDO thread treatments can address various concerns, including:

  • Jowls: Lifting and tightening sagging skin around the jawline.
  • Neck: Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin on the neck.
  • Under Eye Area: Minimizing under-eye bags and tightening the skin around the eyes.

Results from PDO thread treatments can vary, but most patients experience a noticeable improvement in skin laxity and overall appearance.

Results and Collagen Production

PDO thread treatments provide immediate lifting and tightening effects, with results lasting anywhere from 1 to 9 years, depending on the patient’s age and skin condition. 

The treatment stimulates collagen production, which continues to rejuvenate the skin long after the threads have dissolved, providing long-term benefits.

PDO Threads vs. Other Skin Tightening Methods

Less invasivePDO thread treatments do not require surgery or extensive downtime.
Shorter recovery timesMost patients can return to their daily routines immediately after treatment.
Long-lasting resultsThe collagen production stimulated by PDO threads provides lasting skin rejuvenation effects.

Safety Considerations

While PDO thread treatments are generally safe, some potential complications include visible sutures, minor bruising, infection, and inflammation. CosMedic LaserMD takes all necessary precautions to minimize these risks and ensure patient safety during the procedure.

Considerations for PDO Thread Treatment

Before undergoing PDO thread treatment, it’s essential to consider factors such as the severity of skin sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles. The treatment is most effective for those with moderate skin laxity and signs of aging.

Non-Surgical and Aesthetic Medicine Alternative

PDO thread treatments are a non-surgical alternative to traditional facelifts and fall under the category of aesthetic medicine. It’s crucial to work with a qualified and experienced practitioner to ensure the best results and minimize potential risks.

Pricing and Packages

CosMedic LaserMD offers a variety of pricing and package options for PDO thread treatments, making the procedure more affordable compared to other skin tightening methods. The exact cost will depend on the number of threads used and the areas treated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a thread lift, and how does it differ from a non-surgical facelift?

A thread lift is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that uses dissolvable PDO threads to lift and tighten sagging skin. 

A non-surgical facelift refers to a range of non-invasive treatments, including thread lifts and dermal fillers that aim to rejuvenate the face without surgery. 

A thread lift is one form of a non-surgical facelift, offering a less invasive alternative to traditional surgical facelifts.

What is a barbed suture lift, and how is it different from a contour thread lift?

A barbed suture lift, also known as a PDO thread lift or silhouette lift, uses barbed PDO threads to lift and tighten sagging skin. 

The barbs on the threads act like tiny hooks, providing support and lift. A contour thread lift, on the other hand, utilizes non-barbed threads in a continuous loop to create a subtle lift effect. 

Both methods are minimally invasive and provide skin rejuvenation, but a barbed suture lift typically offers more significant lifting results.

Renovatio, Nova and Mint Threads

Renovatio is a popular thread lifting technique that uses harpoon threads to lift and tighten loose jawline skin, neck bands, brow furrows and under-eye bags.

NovaThreads use deeper threading techniques to provide more pronounced skin tightening, especially for sagging eyebrows, cheeks and jowls. Slightly larger PDO or PMMA threads are precisely placed and emphasize lifting target areas to restore volume, soft tissue support and smooth contours.

Mint threads utilize a dermal filler-like substance injected under PDO microthreads to instantly lift and tighten the skin. Threads are then inserted to provide long-term support, allowing for quicker recovery and results in one treatment session.

How does a suture lift compare to other non-surgical facelift options?

A suture lift, also known as a PDO thread lift, provides immediate lifting and tightening effects by using dissolvable threads to lift sagging skin. 

This method stimulates collagen production for long-term rejuvenation. Other non-surgical facelift options, such as dermal fillers work differently to address facial aging concerns. Dermal fillers restore lost volume and provide mild lifting, while ultrasound therapy tightens the skin by stimulating collagen production at a deeper level. A suture lift offers more immediate and noticeable lifting results compared to these other non-surgical options.

What can I expect during a PDO thread lift procedure, and how long do the results last?

During a PDO thread lift procedure, we will apply a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area before making small incisions and inserting the PDO threads beneath the skin. 

The threads will be strategically placed and tightened to lift sagging skin and provide support. The procedure typically takes less than an hour, and recovery is minimal.

The results of a PDO thread lift can last anywhere from 1 to 9 years, depending on factors such as age, skin condition, and the type of threads used. As the threads dissolve over time, the treatment stimulates collagen production, providing long-lasting skin rejuvenation and a more youthful appearance.

Technology Advancements in PDO Thread Treatment

The field of PDO thread treatment continues to evolve, with ongoing advancements in technology and technique. These developments contribute to improving treatment outcomes and expanding the range of non-surgical skin rejuvenation options.

Client Satisfaction

CosMedic LaserMD is proud to provide exceptional PDO thread treatments for clients in Washtenaw County, MI. 

Many satisfied clients have reported noticeable improvements in their skin’s appearance and overall youthfulness. 

Client satisfaction is a crucial aspect of the skin rejuvenation process, and CosMedic LaserMD is committed to helping you achieve your desired results.

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Rejuvenate Your Appearance with PDO Threads: Safe and Effective Skin Tightening

PDO thread treatments offer a safe and effective solution for those seeking to tighten and rejuvenate their skin without surgery. 

If you’re considering this treatment, schedule a consultation with CosMedic LaserMD in Washtenaw County, MI, to discuss your options and determine if PDO thread treatment is right for you. Rediscover your youthful appearance with the help of PDO thread technology!

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