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Dexter, MI

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Dexter, Michigan is a charming small city situated on the Huron River just outside of Washtenaw County. With a quaint downtown area and close proximity to the University of Michigan’s Dexter Campus, this bustling township has become well known for its rich history and numerous attractions. 

Since its incorporation in 1824, Dexter has attracted visitors from both near and far with an abundance of activities and events throughout the year.

From bird watching at Mill Creek Park to leisurely walks along the designated scenic river or hiking trails, there is something here for everyone. 

Families flock to Sutton Lake Beach during the summer months while shoppers browse the variety of locally-owned stores in town to seek out souvenirs they won’t find anywhere else. And traditional festivals like Main Street Fest include everything from live music and carnival rides to local art displays, making Dexter an ideal destination for anyone looking to experience true Midwestern charm.


Dexter’s history dates back to 1824, when it was settled and known as Mill Creek Settlement. Judge Samuel William Dexter was the town’s first postmaster and in 1832 the Municipal Corporation of Dexter was established. Its name remains in honor of Judge Dexter today.

A defining feature of Dexter is its financial longevity; exemplified by one of the oldest still running banks in Michigan: The Dexter State Bank founded all the way back in 1895. Furthermore, University of Michigan opened a campus in 1912, making it an important educational and employment hub as counted among major employers in the city.

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Dexter, MI is a thriving community, home to 4,508 people in 2021, with 97.1% of its residents being citizens of the United States. Of the population residing in Dexter, 4.97% have been born outside of the country – that’s 233 individuals in 2020 alone. 

The second and third most populous ethnic groups living here are White (Hispanic) (247 people), and Two+ (Non-Hispanic) (180 people), respectively. Dexter can certainly be proud of itself for being such a vibrant and diverse hub for all its citizens.


It is clear that the population of Dexter, MI has some of the best access to health coverage in the country with 96.8% having coverage and 71.1% receiving employer health plans. Michigan has one of the highest per capita personal healthcare spending levels in the country at a rate of $8,055 per person per year as well as a 4% increase from the previous year ($7,745).

Primary care physicians in Washtenaw County have seen a steady decrease over time with 574 patients being seen per year on average – 0.692% less than last year (578 patients). On the other hand, dentists are seeing roughly 545 patients each year while mental health care providers generally see around 177 individuals annually. As such, it is apparent that Dexter holds an edge over much of the state when it comes to its access to healthcare and number of providers covering their residents within its area.


The Dexter Community School District is a great resource for families looking for a quality education for their children. With three elementary schools and one middle school, as well as one high school, the district is able to provide its students with an excellent standard of learning and extracurricular activities. 

The University of Michigan maintains a campus in Dexter, providing its students with both undergraduate and graduate courses that are sure to help them achieve success in any field they choose. From business studies to health sciences and engineering, the campus provides intricate hands-on experience where you could gain skills that will benefit you well into adulthood.


Dexter has convenient access to a variety of public transportation options. The Ann Arbor Area Transit Authority (AAATA) bus system offers multiple routes for traveling to the surrounding towns like Chelsea and Ypsilanti. In addition, AAATA’s Dial-a-Ride provides accessible services for elderly and disabled individuals. Beyond regional connections, Dexter is served by Amtrak’s Wolverine line which runs through nearby Chelsea.

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Points of Interest

Dexter is a bustling city with plenty of engaging attractions, activities and events to keep residents entertained. From the Mill Creek Discovery Center to the venerable Dexter Cider Mill, visitors can explore exciting insights into this small but spirited city. 

If outdoor adventures and natural exploration are your cup of tea, don’t miss a visit to either the Mill Creek Park or the Huron River Greenway. Both spots offer plentiful opportunities for fishing, canoeing and hiking, as well as many other ways to take in nature’s beauty.

Dexter also proudly hosts a number of popular festivals throughout the year, where locals and out-of-towners alike can participate in music, art and food events that bring this city further together.

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