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Regenerative Medicine

Welcome to Our Regenerative Aesthetics at CosMedic LaserMD: Unleash Your Natural Beauty

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Discover the transformative power of regenerative aesthetics at CosMedic LaserMD, where we offer advanced treatments to rejuvenate your appearance and restore your youthful glow. We specialize in Sculptra, Radiesse, Hyperdilute Radiesse, PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy, O-Shot (Orgasm Shot), stem cell therapy, and polynucleotide therapy, utilizing regenerative medicine to enhance your natural beauty.

Sculptra: Enhance Facial Volume and Contours

Sculptra is a non-surgical dermal filler that stimulates your body’s own collagen production and osteoblast cells, gradually increasing facial volume by addressing bone loss as we age. Our Sculptra treatment targets deep wrinkles, folds, and sunken areas, helping you achieve a refreshed and youthful appearance while restoring facial contours.

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Radiesse: Smooth Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Radiesse, a leading dermal filler, effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Made of calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres, Radiesse provides immediate volume and stimulates collagen production for long-lasting results. Experience a more youthful and rejuvenated look as Radiesse enhances facial features and restores facial harmony.

Hyperdilute Radiesse: Harnessing Regenerative Medicine

Hyperdilute Radiesse combines Radiesse with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or other regenerative substances, promoting collagen production, skin rejuvenation, and natural healing. Enhance skin texture, elasticity, and overall quality, revealing a radiant and youthful appearance with our Hyperdilute Radiesse treatment.

PRP Therapy: Harness the Healing Power of Your Blood

PRP therapy or Platelet Rich Plasma utilizes the healing properties of your own platelets derived from your own blood, to stimulate tissue regeneration and rejuvenation. By isolating and concentrating platelets from your blood, PRP is applied to targeted areas, promoting collagen production and improving skin texture, tone, and overall appearance. Reveal a revitalized and refreshed look with PRP therapy. At CosMedic LaserMD, we utilize PRP to for facial rejuvenation procedures, other skin treatments, hair restoration and O-Shot.

O-Shot: Enhance Sexual Wellness, Urinary Incontinence, and Rejuvenation

The O-Shot, also known as the Orgasm Shot, is a specialized PRP therapy designed for women to enhance sexual wellness, treat urinary incontinence, and promote rejuvenation. By utilizing PRP, the O-Shot stimulates tissue regeneration in the genital area, improving sensitivity, arousal, and overall sexual satisfaction. It also offers relief from urinary incontinence, restoring confidence and intimate well-being.

Stem Cell and Polynucleotide Therapies: Unlocking Healing Potential

Our clinic offers advanced regenerative treatments using stem cells and polynucleotides. Stem cell therapy stimulates tissue repair and rejuvenation by utilizing your body’s own regenerative capabilities. Polynucleotide therapy enhances collagen synthesis and tissue regeneration, improving skin texture, tone, and elasticity. Experience remarkable results in skin rejuvenation and overall facial enhancement with these cutting-edge therapies.

Why Choose CosMedic LaserMD for your Regenerative needs?

  1. Expertise in Regenerative Aesthetics: We specialize in regenerative aesthetics, staying
    up to date with the latest advancements and techniques. Trust in our expertise to deliver
    personalized, safe, and effective treatments tailored to your unique needs.
  2. Natural and Long-Lasting Results: Harnessing the power of regenerative medicine, our
    treatments stimulate your body’s natural healing processes, resulting in natural-looking
    and long-lasting results. Enjoy a refreshed and revitalized appearance without invasive
  3. Personalized Approach: We understand your individuality, and our personalized approach
    ensures that your treatment plan addresses your specific concerns. We will assess your
    needs and create a customized plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.
Unleash Your Natural Beauty with Regenerative Aesthetics

Nourish the beauty within with our personalized treatment plans to help you look and feel your best!

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