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Manchester, MI

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Manchester, MI is a small town located in Washtenaw County, just south of Ann Arbor. It is home to several parks, including Manchester Community Park, which features a playground, picnic area, and walking trails. 

The town is also home to several historic sites, including the Manchester Historical Museum and the Manchester Millpond. Manchester is also home to several restaurants, bars, and shops, making it a great place to explore. The town is also home to several festivals and events throughout the year, including the Manchester Summer Festival and the Manchester Fall Festival. Overall, Manchester is a great place to visit, with plenty of things to do and see.


Population (April 1, 2022)2,073
African American9.9%
Native American0.3%
Other Races2.0%


Manchester, Michigan is a small village located in Washtenaw County, Michigan. It was originally granted to John Gilbert in 1826 and plans were made to establish it as a settlement. Only a handful of people chose to call Manchester home during the early 1830s, but the population began to swell in the 1840s. By 1870, one of the mills that had gone up in town was supplying fabric for Michigan’s State Prison system. Perhaps most importantly, German immigrants built the first Catholic church in the area during 1839.

Today, Manchester is remembered fondly by its citizens who have created The Manchester Area Historical Society. This organization seeks to record, preserve and celebrate its past as well as that of any other region which may neighbor it. The members strive to keep alive the names of families who lived here before us and provide visitors with an appreciation for their forebears’ struggles along with our successes today.

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At Manchester Community Schools, students can learn and grow in an environment that offers a robust curriculum spanning language arts, math, science, social studies, physical education, health, and technology. Serving approximately 1,400 students, it is the district’s only high school and provides multiple Advanced Placement classes as well as college credits to help future-oriented learners get ahead.

Growth opportunities abound outside of school too — Manchester Youth Services offers various services to children and families looking to thrive. For those seeking dedicated private schools, the area also houses many renowned establishments like Manchester Christian Academy, Manchester Montessori School, and Manchester Christian School. With so many resources available within the Manchester community structure, education has never been more accessible or attainable.


In Manchester, Michigan, life expectancy is relatively high at 80.8 years. The area also has a slightly below-average number of physicians per 100,000 population (131.8 versus the state average of 137.7), yet there are more hospital beds than is typical in the rest of Michigan, with 2.9 beds per 1,000 population (versus a shorter-than-average rate of 2.7 elsewhere).

Manchester’s infant mortality rate stands at 6.4 deaths per 1,000 live births (higher than the state average of 6.1), and its prevalence of obesity stands higher still at 33.3% (exceeding the statewide rates by 0.9%). Despite these negatives, overall bright spots remain in Manchester’s longevity and access to care—markets which could benefit from continued investment and a watchful eye for preventable error or suffering where possible in the future.


The latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that unemployment in Manchester, Michigan is currently at 4.3%, comfortably below the national average of 6.2%. Looking further into the stats on labor force participation, Manchester has a rate of 65.3%, higher than the national rate of 61.4%.

In terms of income and poverty levels, Manchester fares better too. The median household income as of 2019 was $61,836 compared to the nation’s median $61,937 while the poverty rate in 2018 was 10.5% (National average stands at 11.8%). These figures suggest the economic situation in Manchester is slightly healthier than the national average and provides some positive signal for employment seekers interested to move there or those already located willing to switch jobs within their city.


Manchester, Michigan is a beautiful village to live in and commutes here are slightly shorter than average. According to the Michigan Department of Transportation, the average commute time is 17.7 minutes which is slightly higher than the national average of 16.3 minutes. Most people use their own vehicles to get around, but public transportation is also an option with the Washtenaw Area Transportation Authority (WATA) offering scheduled bus services.

Besides WATA, commuters have more choices as well: there are bike lanes and trails that connect Manchester with Ann Arbor, plus Michigan Flyer bus service runs between Lansing and Detroit – making it easy to get around Metro Detroit. Plus, all of these options make getting around this vibrant town even faster and more convenient.

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Points of Interest

Manchester, Michigan is a picturesque village nestled in Washtenaw County, offering a range of activities and attractions for adventurers, travelers and locals alike.

Outdoor explorers are invited to explore the vibrant Pinckney Recreation Area located nearby. There they can discover a plethora of trails perfect for hiking, not to mention numerous opportunities for fishing, swimming and boating by the beach. 

For those searching for calming experiences, Manchester has multiple parks such as the Community Park and Mill Pond Park that offer tranquil strolls as well as educational visits to the Manchester Area Historical Society. Apart from peaceful retreats, Manchester offers plenty of shopping and dining options in downtown including the Chelsea Farmers Market that is open all year-round – serving up local goods and produce. And for a fun-filled day filled with live music and entertainment, be sure to catch one of their many annual events like the Manchester Chicken Broil or Jazz Festival.

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