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Hand Treatments

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How To Fix Aging Hands?

Hand aging happens for a number of reasons. The sun’s UV rays can cause pigmentation issues as well as dullness, spots, wrinkles and crepiness. Also, as we age natural collagen breaks down and fatty tissue is lost, creating more visible veins and tendons. Luckily, at CosMedic Laser MD, we have ways to address these issues and rejuvenate aging hands.

Treatment Options For Aging Hands

At CosMedic LaserMD, our treatment options for aging hands include ICON Laser 1540 and microneedling with Rejuvapen™Platelet-rich PlasmaChemical Peels, and Injectable Fillers.

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What’s The Best Treatment For Hand Pigmentation?

If pigmentation is your main concern pertaining to your hands, we generally recommend a chemical peel. During this treatment, we apply a non-toxic chemical to the skin which causes the top layers of the cells to dry up and peel off exposing a fresh new layer of undamaged skin with smoother texture and even color. After your chemical peel, your skin will continue to improve for 1-2 months and many patients also see improvement with wrinkling.

What Hand Treatment Is Best For Tone, Texture And Wrinkling? 

Some patients are most bothered by the tone, texture, and wrinkling of their hands. For this concern, we usually suggest Laser therapy, which  is excellent for improving hand tissue and stimulating collagen to replenish the youthful appearance of the hands. The laser penetrates into the dermal layer of the skin causing new collagen production which leaves the hands looking fresher and younger. Many patients find the most benefit doing a series of treatments and find the results to be very long lasting.

What’s The Best Treatment For Volume Loss In The Hands?

Many patients are bothered by the fat and tissue loss of their hands, which makes their bones and tendons look more prominent and thus, older. This is a problem with volume and thankfully we now have two FDA approved treatments to correct this. At CosMedic LaserMD, we use injectable fillers to increase volume in the hands and give it a more youthful look.  These are injected into the backs of the hands and instantly and dramatically add back volume to the areas. The filler injections are dramatic, require no downtime, and results can last for at least a year.

Hand Treatments In Ann Arbor, Mi

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