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Ann Arbor Charter Township, MI

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Located in southeastern Michigan, it offers a variety of attractions, from world-renowned universities to stunning natural beauty. Home to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Charter Township is a vibrant community that is bustling with activity. From historic buildings and museums to public parks and trails, it offers plenty of ways to explore the area. With its unique mix of culture, sports, and entertainment, Ann Arbor Charter Township is the perfect place to visit and experience Michigan’s best.


Population (2022)35,000
White and non-Hispanic78%
African American11%
Under 18 years old50%
Over 18 years old50%
Median Age38 years
Median Household Income$83,000


Ann Arbor Charter Township dates back to the late 1800s, offering visitors a rich history and vibrant culture. It was first settled by pioneers from New York in 1824, and was formally organized in 1835 as the first charter township of Michigan. In the late nineteenth century, Ann Arbor became a popular vacation spot for travelers from throughout the Midwest and farther out.

Today, Ann Arbor is well known for its academic excellence due to the University of Michigan inhabiting its area. But there’s more to the town than just education, with plenty of outdoor activities and stunning natural beauty waiting to be discovered. 

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Ann Arbor Charter Township is a great place to learn – no matter what type of education or level you’re seeking. Home to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Public Schools, countless private and parochial schools, plus plenty of community colleges and educational institutions, it’s easy to get the education you need.

From elementary school age all the way through postsecondary learning, Ann Arbor Charter Township offers an expansive range of institution options. With over 17,000 served in K-12 at AAPS, to more than 45,000 students enrolled at world-renowned University of Michigan – there’s something for all types of learners. Numerous libraries and resources are available for first-class research opportunities. 


As of 2022, Ann Arbor Charter Township is faring better than most places in terms of unemployment rate. With just 3.2% unemployment, it’s below the national average of 6.2%. This can be attributed to its strong major employment industries: health care, educational services and retail trade are 28.2% of the area’s total employment; professional and business services, leisure and hospitality, and manufacturing come close behind with a combined 18.3%.

When it comes to financial stability, Ann Arbor Charter Township stands above other cities too – boasting a median household income of $83,000, which is well above the national average at $60,000. These results demonstrate an economy driven by industry leaders who prioritize success all-round for their workers and their constituents.


Residents here have an average life expectancy of 81 years — higher than the national average — while the infant mortality rate is lower than the national average at 4.7 deaths per 1,000 live births. Similarly, obesity prevalence in this area is lower than the national level at 24% versus 33%. All these factors combined make Ann Arbor Charter Township an attractive option for those looking for quality medical care in a safe and healthy community.

Ann Arbor Charter Township offers a host of medical centers and hospitals, from the renowned University of Michigan Health System to Beaumont Hospital and St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor. Residents can also choose from numerous clinics, urgent care centers and specialty care centers nearby.


In Ann Arbor Charter Township, you can find an extensive public transport system that offers easy access to local destinations and surrounding towns. The Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (AAATA) provides regular bus services plus shuttles that give access to the University of Michigan campus and other places of interest.

For a faster means of transportation, you can rely on the Ann Arbor Connector light rail – connecting downtown Ann Arbor to the University of Michigan and other key locations in the area. On top of that, there are ridesharing services and plenty of bike paths available as well! This cutting-edge public transit system shows just how convenient getting around in Ann Arbor can be.

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Points of Interest

Nichol’s Arboretum is an incredible outdoor facility just north of the main campus of The University of Michigan. It covers over 121 acres and includes walking paths and scenic overlooks throughout. Take in the beautiful landscapes while exploring this lush space filled with trees, flowers and wildlife galore!

Gallup Park is a well-known hotspot for locals and visitors alike. You can enjoy a number of activities at Gallup – rent a kayak or canoe for an afternoon tour down the Huron River or enjoy some birdwatching near one of its many ponds. There are also several hiking trails along the river bank so you can take in all that nature has to offer. And be sure not to miss out on The Canoe Float – an annual event during which attendees race canoe floats down the river!

Visit the Matthaei Botanical Gardens for a scenic experience with nature. The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum offers interactive educational exhibits that both children and adults can enjoy. Shop at the Westgate Shopping Center, or explore local boutiques in downtown Ann Arbor. Enjoy outdoor activities like canoeing or kayaking at Argo Pond and Burma Park, walking at Gallup Park, or playing golf at Huron Hills Golf Course. Take part in nature walks, astronomy nights and family activities run by the Leslie Science and Nature Center.

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