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Discover Radiant, Refreshed Skin with Hydrafacial and Dermaplaning

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hydrafacial and dermaplaning

Have you noticed your skin looking a little dull and lackluster lately? Are you longing for a bright, smooth complexion? CosMedic LaserMD hears you – and we have the perfect solution.

Introducing our advanced skincare duo: Hydrafacial and Dermaplaning. These transformative treatments work together to gently resurface your skin, revealing a fresh, glowing you.

The results from this power duo are simply amazing:

  • Brighter, more radiant complexion
  • Reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars
  • Minimized appearance of pores
  • Soft, silky smooth skin texture

Our experienced skin experts have the know-how to customize the experience to your unique skin goals. You’ll leave our calming treatment rooms looking refreshed, glowing, and confident.

Get All Your Hydrafacial and Dermaplaning Questions Answered

We know you probably have some questions about these advanced skincare treatments. The idea of hydrafacial and dermaplaning may seem appealing, but you likely want to learn more about the specifics of each service.

Not to worry – we’ve compiled a thorough FAQ section to provide more details about hydrafacial and dermaplaning. Our team of experts has addressed the most common questions we receive from clients to help you make an informed decision. 

Read on to get answers to all your pressing skincare questions! Then you’ll be ready to book your hydrafacial and dermaplaning appointment with total confidence.

What is a hydrafacial treatment?

A hydrafacial is a multi-step facial that cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin using an advanced device with a spiral suction tip. It combines skin peels with hydrating serums to reveal a brightened, refined complexion. Gentle vortex technology extracts impurities while bathing skin with moisturizing ingredients.

After cleansing and exfoliating, peptide-packed serums with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and other restorative ingredients are infused. LED light therapy is often incorporated too. Hydrafacials take 30-60 minutes and require no downtime.

What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation facial using a surgical scalpel to gently scrape off dead skin cells and fine “peach fuzz“.

During this facial, the scalpel is moved across your face at a 45 degree angle to precisely remove outer skin debris and facial hair. This reveals smooth, glowing skin with no downtime, though temporary redness can occur.

What’s the difference between dermaplaning and hydrafacial?

When it comes to skin treatments, both dermaplaning and hydrafacials have gained popularity for their ability to reveal glowing, refreshed skin. These two treatments, while having a shared goal, employ different methods and offer unique benefits.

The table below presents a clear comparison between dermaplaning and hydrafacials, outlining the key differences and similarities.

ExfoliationManual exfoliationAutomated device exfoliation
Depth of TreatmentSuperficialDeeper into pores
Tool RequiredHandheld toolComplex technology
Area of TreatmentFace onlyFace, neck, chest
Result DurationTemporary resultsLonger-lasting hydration and nourishment
Use of SerumsNo serums usedInfuses serums

Hydrafacials provide a more comprehensive experience, but combining both maximizes glow.

Does hydrafacial include dermaplaning in the treatment?

A traditional hydrafacial treatment does not include dermaplaning as part of the standard procedure. The core hydrafacial service focuses on deep pore cleansing, chemical exfoliation peels via the machine’s delivery system, and infusion of customized serums filled with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

Dermaplaning is an additional service that can be added on to any hydrafacial for enhanced physical exfoliation and removal of fine vellus hairs prior to the hydrafacial.

Many spas offer package add-ons such as “Hydrafacial with Dermaplaning” or “Hydra Dermaplaning Facial”. This combines the best of both treatments. But dermaplaning itself is not an innate part of the hydrafacial service.

Be sure to check with your provider if dermaplaning will be included, or if you can add it on to maximize your hydrafacial’s rejuvenating results.

Can I have hydrafacial with dermaplaning?

Yes, many spas offer hydrafacials with dermaplaning. While a basic hydrafacial focuses on cleansing and serum infusion, adding dermaplaning enhances exfoliation.

During a hydrafacial with dermaplaning, dermaplaning is performed first to remove dead skin and peach fuzz. Then, the hydrafacial technology cleanses deeply and infuses serums into the freshly exfoliated skin.

No extra downtime is needed. This maximizes glow and nourishment from the combo service. Check with your spa about add-on options.

What’s the process of a hydrafacial with dermaplaning?

If you choose a hydrafacial with dermaplaning service, here is an overview of how the process flows:

  1. Dermaplaning – Using a surgical scalpel, your esthetician will remove dead skin cells and fine vellus hairs by gently scraping the outer skin layers.
  2. Hydrafacial Cleansing – The hydrafacial device will deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin using the patented vortex vacuum technology.
  3. Peels – Glycolic or salicylic acid solutions are applied through the hydrafacial device to enhance exfoliation.
  4. Hydrating Serums – The machine painlessly pushes antioxidant, hyaluronic acid, and peptide serums into your skin using pulsating pressure.
  5. LED Light Therapy – Optional blue and red LED light can be used for their anti-inflammatory and collagen-boosting effects.
  6. Moisturizer – A hydrating cream will be massaged into your skin as the final step to seal in moisture.

Your esthetician may customize or adjust this sequence based on your individual skin’s needs. But the result is always maximized glow!

Should I get dermaplaning and hydrafacial at the same time?

If your objective is ultra-smooth, glowing and nourished skin, getting a dermaplaning and hydrafacial treatment at the same appointment is certainly recommended.

Combining these rejuvenating and exfoliating facials amplifies the benefits by:

  • Offering thorough exfoliation from both the dermaplaning procedure and hydrafacial peels/serums.
  • Removing dead skin and vellus hairs so hydrafacial serums can penetrate optimally.
  • Deeply cleansing and decongesting pores.
  • Infusing skin with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and other replenishing ingredients.
  • Providing both instant brightness from the dermaplaning and longer-term hydration from the hydrafacial.
  • Allowing makeup products to glide on more smoothly.
  • No additional downtime needed compared to standalone treatments.

For anti-aging, smoothing, radiance-boosting and pore-purifying, this dual facial pairing is a winning combination for gorgeous, youthful skin.

How to prepare for hydrafacial dermaplaning?

  • Avoid sun and tanning for 2 weeks before
  • Stop abrasive scrubs, retinols, or harsh acids 1 week before
  • Don’t wax or bleach facial hair
  • Arrive with clean, makeup-free skin
  • Avoid caffeine or stimulants before treatment
  • Stay hydrated by drinking extra water
  • Inform your esthetician of any skin concerns
  • Follow all pre and post-treatment instructions carefully

Proper preparation helps maximize your facial rejuvenating effects.


Say goodbye to dullness and hello to your most luminous, youthful glow yet. Let the hydradermaplaning transformations begin!

Give your skin the Hydrafacial and Dermaplaning duo it’s been craving. Contact CosMedic LaserMD today to schedule your transformative treatment. Our staff can’t wait to reveal your most vibrant, beautiful complexion yet.

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