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What is the Best Non-Surgical Treatment for Jowls?

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What is the Best Non-Surgical Treatment for Jowls in Ann Arbor - Jaw Lift in Ann Arbor

If you’re like many people, you’re not happy with your jawline – but fortunately, there are several treatments available to help improve its appearance. Check out the best non-surgical treatments for jowls here, then call us at 734-249-8722 to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Deepa Macha.

What is the Best Non-Surgical Treatment for Jowls?

There’s no one-size-fits-all “best” treatment for sagging jowls, an underdeveloped or receding chin, or unwanted fat; what works for you may not work for your best friend, and vice-versa. But jawline contouring is a process that can involve a number of treatment options, including:

Here’s a closer look at each.

Botox Treatments for Sagging Jowls in Ann Arbor

Botox can reduce sagging jowls by tightening and lifting the jaw area. Generally, it takes about 25 units of Botox in one sitting to help pull back the sagging skin that creates jowls. You can usually expect noticeable results after just one treatment – and you may see significantly better results with subsequent treatments. However, you should consult with your doctor to determine whether Botox is the right choice for you.

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Fillers to Fix Jowls

Fillers such as Sculptra can instantly plump the area around an injection, which means it can create fabulous results for lifting sagging jowls. The way fillers work for jowl reduction is to have them injected to lift the cheeks and the skin around the jawline and mouth; that creates a more youthful appearance and helps stimulate new collagen growth for longer-term results.

Kybella, a Non-Surgical Treatment for Jowls

Skin loses its elasticity with age (thanks, gravity), and when there’s excess fat under the skin, sagging jowls are often the result. In some cases, Kybella is the perfect solution. Kybella targets what’s called submental fat in the jowl and neck area; because it’s simply an injection, it’s considered a non-invasive (and certainly non-surgical) treatment for jowls. It’s actually more like non-invasive liposuction. The best part is that you can combine Kybella with other types of treatments, such as fillers and Botox, to get optimal results.

Micro Botox for Jowls

Microbotox may be a great way to rejuvenate your lower face and neck – including your jowls. By injecting microdroplets of botulinum toxin into your skin to rewind the effects of aging, your doctor may be able to make your jowls appear less saggy and your face more youthful. (If you’re considering microbotox, you may also want to look into a Nefertiti lift, which your doctor will be happy to discuss with you.)

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PDO Threads as a Non-Surgical Treatment for Jowls

PDO threads are a non-surgical treatment for jowls that many people choose – and that’s because for many people, they offer very noticeable results. PDO threads are a synthetic, absorbable surgical suture (like stitches) that won’t harm you. In fact, doctors performing open-heart surgery and a number of other procedures use PDO threads; they’re considered one of the safest materials to implant in the body. A non-surgical face lift with PDO threads (commonly called a thread lift) is minimally invasive, and it can define your jawline and tighten your neck. PDO threads typically last between 12 and 24 months.

Skin Tightening

If you’re trying to avoid surgical procedures, there are several ways to tighten the skin around your jowls and improve their appearance. For example, non-surgical procedures like thermage, lasers and chemical peels can change rejuvenate your skin; some treatments can even change the composition of collagen in your skin to improve the way your jowls look.

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Should You Talk to a Doctor About Non-Surgical Treatment for Jowls?

If you’re looking for the best non-surgical treatment for sagging jowls, you should absolutely consult with an experienced and knowledgeable doctor about your situation. Your doctor can recommend the procedures that are most likely to work on you.

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