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The Complete Guide to the Nefertiti Lift in Ann Arbor

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The Complete Guide to the Nefertiti Lift in Ann Arbor

If you’re like many people, you know that the Nefertiti lift – a botulinum toxin-based procedure that helps reverse the signs of aging along the lower face, jaw and neck – is a simple, straightforward procedure that may be the perfect alternative to a facelift. But what is a Nefertiti lift, and could you be a good candidate for it? This guide explains. 

The Complete Guide to the Nefertiti Lift in Ann Arbor

A Nefertiti lift is a simple cosmetic procedure performed with Botox® or another brand of botulinum toxin. To perform this non-surgical neck lift procedure, the neurotoxin your doctor injects will help relax the muscles that contract and cause wrinkles in your lower face, jawline and neck. It’s named for the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, who was known for her beautifully long, thin neck.

You can use a Nefertiti lift to look younger. This treatment may:

  • Erase or reduce folds on the lower part of your face
  • Make your jaw appear more defined
  • Lessen lines on the bottom part of your face
  • Make your lower face, jaw and neck more symmetrical
  • Remove lines on your neck
  • Smooth out dimpled skin on your chin

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Is a Nefertiti Lift Like Surgery?

A Nefertiti lift is not like surgery. In fact, it’s a minimally invasive procedure – it only involves injections, and it can help you put off or skip cosmetic surgery. However, because it’s not a surgical procedure, and because botulinum toxin only works temporarily, the results of a Nefertiti lift last between 3 and 6 months. If you want to rejuvenate your jaw, neck and lower face again, you’ll need another treatment.

How Does a Nefertiti Lift Work?

Your doctor will carefully and strategically inject botulinum toxin into the platysma band of muscles. These muscles run up and down from the bottom of your face to your collarbone. 

If you’re not sure which muscle will be affected, try this: Push out your lower jaw and clench your teeth while you’re looking in the mirror. You’ll see the platysma band activate.

It may take up 10 to 14 days for the full results of your Nefertiti lift to become visible. During that time, the botulinum toxin is working to interrupt signals from your brain that tell the treated muscles to contract. 

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What Product Will My Doctor Use?

Your doctor will choose the product that’s the best fit for you and your body chemistry. Botulinum toxin comes under many brand names, including Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Jeuveau – as well as several others. The bottom line is that the neurotoxin your doctor chooses will temporarily block signals from your brain to contract the muscles in your neck; that results in more relaxed muscles and a more youthful appearance.

How Long Does a Nefertiti Lift Last?

Everyone’s body is different, but you can expect a Nefertiti lift to last between 3 and 6 months. 

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How Long Does it Take to Recover From a Nefertiti Lift?

Most people don’t have any downtime after a Nefertiti lift. You can resume your normal activities as soon as you leave your doctor’s office. However, there are some possible side effects, just like those you may experience with other Botox injections, such as bruising or redness at your injection site. You and your doctor can discuss the safety of the procedure and your recovery time, as well as what you should do after the procedure, during your consultation.

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