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Kick the Booty Out of Sun Damage, Redness, and Aging in One Hour

BEAUTIFUL SOLUTIONS Kick the Booty Out of Sun Damage, Redness, and Aging in One Hour

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Does the reflection you see in the mirror each morning match how you feel? Is this the complexion that you wish to face the world with? Sun damage, lifestyle choices and the passage of time can cause lines, wrinkles, sun spots and small vessels to appear. There is a way to improve your complexion in a safe, easy and effective way.

Photo-rejuvenation, also known as a photo-facial, is a revolutionary advanced anti-aging treatment. Using light in just the right way, doctors are reversing the signs of aging, repairing skin damage and even improving skin conditions such as rosacea, discoloration, broken capillaries, redness, freckles, fine lines, uneven pigment, enlarged pores, and textural irregularities such as acne or chicken pox scarring. The result? An improved appearance and healthier more vibrant  skin.

Photo rejuvenation works by using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with selected filters to deliver precise dosages of energy to the skin. This light energy and filter is specific to the target such as sun spots, vessels, collagen. The energy damages the target and triggers the body’s natural healing response to promote collagen production and reveal a new layer of healthy skin.

A photo rejuvenation can take anywhere from 15 minutes for a spot treatment or up to an hour when we perform our four filter all inclusive full face photo-facial. The procedure has minimum to no discomfort involved. Most patients describe the pulses of light energy as a snap of a rubber band followed by a cool sensation from the crystal tip of the hand piece.

After treatment, you may resume your normal activities immediately. Your skin may appear pink to red at first, but this usually fades within a day leaving the skin looking younger. Brown spots and freckles temporarily become darker before they fade away over the next week or two. The treatment will also continue to stimulate your collagen months after the treatment has been done resulting in a gradual overall tightening of your skin. Fine lines and wrinkles soften with each treatment as well. Extra attention is taken around the eyes so that the thin loose skin, which tends to have fine lines and wrinkles, benefits from the tightening effect of the treatment.

For optimum anti-aging results this PhotoFacial Photorejuvination treatment is preformed once a month for 3 to  5 treatments depending on the baseline condition of your skin. Since we continually are exposed to environmental  elements which age us and due to the natural aging process itself, one to two maintenance treatments every six months is recommended after the five treatments are completed.

However, the best indicator of improvement is that your friends will tell you how great your skin looks! Who wouldn’t want to hear that?

Love yourself. Nourish yourself.

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