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Hand Wrinkle Treatment in Ann Arbor

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Hand Wrinkle Treatment in Ann Arbor

If you’re like everyone else, you know that you can’t stop the effects of aging – but there are hand wrinkle treatments available in Ann Arbor that can make you appear more youthful, lighten liver spots and make your veins and tendons less visible. 

Hand Wrinkle Treatment in Ann Arbor

Hand wrinkle treatments run the gamut from lotions and creams to injectable fillers and surgical options. We believe the best way to treat aging hands is through non-surgical methods, such as with:

Different treatments handle different issues. For example, if you’re treating hand pigmentation (what you may know as liver spots), a chemical peel may be the best choice for you. If you’re treating tone, texture and skin wrinkling on the hands, laser therapy or fillers may be the right route to take. Generally, the best way to figure out the right hand wrinkle treatment is to talk to a doctor about what you’d like your hands to look like; then, you and your doctor can make a decision together.

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Chemical Peels as Hand Wrinkle Treatment or for Pigmentation Issues

Pigmentation differences in your hand skin can make you uncomfortable – but they’re generally natural results of hard work, sun damage and other hazards your hands face on a daily basis. Fortunately, you may be able to have a chemical peel that evens out the pigmentation and gives your skin a rejuvenated appearance. A chemical peel removes the upper layer of affected skin and reveals the healthier skin beneath.

Chemical peels can vary in strength. Some are very light, and some are very heavy. In either case (or anywhere in between), you can expect to see a noticeable improvement in the way your hands look. 

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Laser Hand Wrinkle Treatments

If the tone, texture and wrinkling on your hands bothers you, you may be a good candidate for a laser treatment. Laser treatments can stimulate collagen, which makes your hands appear more youthful. These treatments are simple and straightforward; a laser penetrates into the dermal layer of your skin and forces it to create new collagen. The collagen that your own body produces can make your hands appear fuller and younger, covering the tendons and veins that begin to appear more pronounced with age. 

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Injectable Fillers as Hand Wrinkle Treatments

Over time, we all lose fat and tissue in our hands. That can make your bones and tendons look more prominent (and, as a result, older). You may choose to have your doctor inject fillers into your hands to increase volume, which makes your hands appear younger. Filler injections create dramatic results, and you won’t have any down time – you can go about your life the same day. The results from fillers can last a year, too, which means you won’t have to think about aging hands for quite some time.

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How Do You Know Which Hand Wrinkle Treatment is Right for You?

The best way to determine what hand wrinkle treatment is right for you is to discuss your concerns with your doctor. You and your doctor can talk about what you want your hands to look like, and she can make suggestions on how to rejuvenate them and make them look younger. For some people, the best hand wrinkle treatments are combination treatments, such as injections and lasers or chemical peels and injections. You should discuss your concerns with your doctor to learn what may be right for you.

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