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Dr. Macha,

I wanted to let you, and all of the ladies in your office, know how excited I am about the results of my PRP treatment for Hair growth on my Scalp! All of my co-workers and family have noticed the growth of my hair and how my thin patches are gone! I had results after my first treatment. My hair dresser is amazed at how much thicker my hair is!! She is intimately familiar with my hair for a long time – since high school. At that time, I seriously thought I had too much hair! Watch what you wish for. At the age of 32, I was found to have Hashimotos Thyroiditis. During that time, my hair fell out in big clumps. After I was regulated, some of my hair did come back, but it was never ever the same. Very thin balding patches persisted in the back of my head and top of my scalp and it was noticeable.

Honestly, I was skeptical if I would see results. I was worried that because of my thyroid issues, it might not work for me. But, I was so surprised to see how quickly I noticed some results. My hair first came in baby fine in texture, almost like fur, after about 3 weeks after my first treatment. Now, it has continued to fill in. I have less hair in my brush and shower. My hair is in the best health all around it seems.

Thanks to Dr. Macha and the PRP treatments, I don’t have to style my hair to cover those areas or worry when the wind blows!! I have thicker, softer hair now!! I feel so much better about myself. It is so much more fun to get ready for the day and not have to worry if my thin patches are concealed.

I would tell anyone considering this to absolutely give it a try! I cannot thank Dr. Macha enough for suggesting this treatment. It really worked for me. I am so glad I did the PRP to regrow hair.

Thanks again! You have no idea what this means to me! This treatment is a miracle!

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