We are LGBTQ friendly and a Transgender Safe Space

Recently, I went to CosMedic LaserMD for the “SHE shot”, PRP for Female Rejuvination, and I had a GREAT experience! I had heard about this procedure where ones’ own Platelet Rich Plasma is harvested and injecting into the vaginal area. I chose to do this procedure for both if its indications: improved orgasms and improvement of the urinary leakage issues I had been experiencing since having my children.

I was nervous about trying something like this, but Dr. Macha was great at educating me about the procedure beginning with drawing my blood, and what to expect step by step. It was frankly, very easy. Most importantly, she talked me through the entire procedure. The thought of anything with injections in such a sensitive area can be intimidating. I was comfortable the entire time. A numbing cream was placed over the entire area so all I experienced was pressure, a little bit. The entire procedure including the blood draw, and numbing of the area took an hour at most. Afterwards, I went back to work for the rest of the day. That evening I used an ice pack to relieve the pressure and took a break from the gym just the following day. It was actually quite easy.

Dr. Macha’s staff was very polite and treated me with poise and kindness. I myself am a healthcare provider, and have high expectations. I was truly impressed with my overall experience.

About my results….Having this procedure has changed my quality of life immensely for the better! Sex is even better than it already was!!!! I have had little to no episodes of urine leakage! I no longer have to wear an absorbent pad for my long high impact workouts! My results came fairly quickly.

Also, because of this great experience, I have have made this office my choice for beauty, wellness and skin care needs as well.

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