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A New Year’s Mission Statement

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Happy New Year!

As I’m writing this blog post, I have been going through my own personal journey. To keep myself passionately focused and revitalized, I need to envision my own missions for my purpose in my life, my family, and my business, CosMedic LaserMD. I have been managing my life according to other people’s agendas and pressing matters, but as Steven Covey said, “Effective people are guided by their own missions and manage their lives according to principles.”

Today, I am not proposing to create a resolution for this year, but a mission. Create your own personal mission statement for your purpose in life.  One famous mission statement that we all know is that of Dr. Martin Luther King, which he expressed in his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech.

So how do we start? We all have super powers – things we do better than anyone else. These things often feel natural to us, but it’s important to see them as special. It is what sets you apart. It may help to ask someone else what your talents are. Keep in mind your aspiration- what you envision to create, who you are creating it for, and the expected outcome.

Envision something so dear to you that it inspires you and focuses you; envision something that energizes you, guides you, and empowers you in your life.  Only you can define that, no one else.  Make it short or long. That’s up to you. Condense it if possible so it can be your mantra or incantation and motivate you everyday. Remember that it can evolve, so it doesn’t have to be permanent or complex.

Your mission statement should be something you can be, do, and give. This should be the fuel of life – your life.  Imagine this all and how your life should be… 6 months, a year, or 10 years from now. Begin with the end goal in mind. If you want to succeed at this, you must become your own brand.

So, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is important?
  • Where do I want to go?
  • What does “the best” look like for me?
  • How do I want to behave?
  • What is the legacy I want to leave behind?

I thought I would share it with you here, so we can all live more purposeful and enriched lives. You can create a personal mission statement, a marriage mission statement,  a family mission statement, or a business mission statement.  Writing a mission statement involves deep soul searching, and this will take time and heavy introspection.

If you are struggling in your life, personal, or professional life, a mission statement can become your catalyst, your dream, your vision. Despite challenges and adversities, it can guide your actions.  It will help you stay aligned with the core values that you care passionately about. It will ensure focus on how you want to impact the world, and where you want to your life’s journey to take you.

Whatever your approach, in good times, or those of crisis and indecision, your mission statement will become your North Star. It will guide you from the dark. So, I challenge all of you to join me and create a mission for yourselves this year that will drive you from within because it emanates from your very soul.

So, here is where I started:

“I, Deepa Macha, feel that the purpose of my life is to be the best version of myself for myself and lead by example; and to use my gifts of authenticity, charisma, warmth and intelligence to cultivate the self-worth and nourish the inner beauty of those who I encounter in my journey.”

Please join me in creating your own mission statements.

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