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LATISSE is the only FDA-approved product that helps grow longer, fuller, and darker lashes. It has been studied for safety and efficacy and is available only by prescription. Originally intended for use as a glaucoma drug in eye drop form, this treatment has been used with FDA approval since 2001. At that time, eye doctors and their glaucoma patients noticed a hair growth side effect, with longer, lusher eyelashes appearing over time.

How Does LATISSE Work?

LATISSE works by applying a prescribed topical serum to the eyelid, which extends the duration of the eyelash growth cycle. When applied consistently at nighttime, lashes will begin to grow longer, thicker and (occasionally) darker. That’s all there is to it. If you thought that there was no way that your own lashes could appear longer, lusher and darker without makeup, you have to try it for yourself! You may be shocked at the results!

Proven Results From LATISSE

LATISSE will not lengthen or thicken your eyelashes overnight, but with patience and consistent application, you will see a difference. Most people see highly noticeable results after a few weeks. In one study, after 16 weeks, the average user of this treatment saw an increase in eyelash length of 25 percent, an increase in darkness of 18 percent, and an increase of thickness and fullness of 106 percent! Imagine what it would be like to have eyelashes more than twice as full as they are today! It’s possible with this product!

Specifically, patients treated with LATISSE® in clinical studies experienced:

• 25% increase in lash length*

• 106% increase in lash thickness/fullness*

• 18% increase in lash darkness*

Before and after LATISSE results

LATISSE Eyelash Treatments in Ann Arbor, MI

LATISSE is an effective FDA-approved treatment for attaining longer and more beautiful lashes! To learn more and request an appointment, call CosMedic LaserMD today by dialing (734) 249-8722. You will be thrilled with your results.


* Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

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